Yahoo mail

Yahoo account setup screen is as shown in Figure 8.  Complete Email address is required.


Figure 8: Add Yahoo account

Configure Yahoo account using 2 steps verification

Some user might have enabled 2-step verification (Figure 6a) from yahoo email web portal. To continue setting up with this configuration, user needs to generate new password from the web portal (Figures 6B-6E) before they are able to use this new password (one time affair) on dial. From the yahoo web site, generate a new password for android mail (figure 6C). Copy this password and paste it as the password for the existing yahoo account (figure 6A). Once this is completed, the account will be configured on dial. For users who did not enable this option, the usual login password should work.

Figure 9: Yahoo 2 step verification

Figure 10: Generating password from web

Figure 11: Selecting type of mail account


Figure 12: Android Mail

Figure 13: New password generated


NOTE: If yahoo domain is other than (eg:, the users need to login to yahoo account from a browser and enable “Allow Apps that use less secure login option” and then configure Yahoo account via portal or device. Refer Figure 14


Figure 14: Enable less secure login


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